Frequently and Not So Frequently Asked Questions...

How/why did you get into this stuff?
Working as a design engineer for about 7 years nurtured my scientific and methodical side, but not so much my creative and artistic side. After feeling a little burnt out, I had to find creative outlet, nourish my hobbies, and find some balance. Always wanting to learn something new, I took guitar lessons, painting, dancing, and worked on little craft projects on my own. Eventually it evolved into starting my own etsy shop http://www.simplyprettyprints.com/. When things didn't seem to be moving quickly enough, I started this blog which became a way to keep me motivated to do something (or learn about something) creative everyday.

Ok, but what about hobbies besides crafting?
I love to do things outdoors, eat and make good food, watch shows or movies that make me think or laugh, hang out with good friends and family, travel, and learn new things. I got into cycling over the last year which is a great way to workout, commute, have some alone time, and think, all at the same time.

Do you like blogging?
I do. It's a motivator for me (see 1st question). But sometimes I'm afraid I don't always sound like myself. I am still finding my voice in the crafting blogosphere.

Describe your perfect day?
It either involves exploring a new place (like somewhere in the Anza Borrego Desert) or some form of exercise like hiking or bike riding. It also involves laughing really hard and doing something creative like sketching a new design on a piece of porcelain. A barbeque with some friends would be a plus.

What word do you like?
Cheesy. I like cheese. mmm...

What word do you dislike?
Pantsuit. Why do they call it a pant suit? It's just a suit. When I hear that word I have visions of horrible First Lady fashions. Oh and I am not a big fan of the word "sliders". Too much visualization there. "Ladies" is another one I can't stand. Why do women have to address each other like this? Do we want to sound old? I am a woman, hear me roar, or a girl. And I'd take "gal", "dame", and maybe even "bird" over "lady" any day.

Describe your perfect workspace.
I have visions of a sweet loft office with a great view. Plus it would satisfy my fantasy of living downtown since my husband will never go for that. I also have visions of a sweet home office with a wall of mirrors and a giant table on casters so I can wheel it out of the way and bust a move. Dancing makes me feel great. It would also have a computer desk with a large digital tablet and giant flat panel, light box/photo shooting station, mailing station, and lots of natural light. Organized and clean would be nice. I am challenged in that department.

Where/when so ideas hit you?  Where do you find inspiration?
All over the place! Especially when in nature. I take lots of pictures when I am out walking and hiking.

What the craziest place you've ever been or thing you've ever done?
Hmmm. I've had the fortune of travelling all over the world. I've hiked into a glacier, gone on a glider ride, walked on the Great Wall, gone caving, zip lining, rode in a helicopter, hiked in the Amazon, etc. etc. I like adventure!

What's your next adventure?
I am training for my 2nd century (100 mile bike ride). I think our next trip may be to Costa Rica or New Zealand. But business wise, I am focusing on increasing sales. I have big visions for my business!

What drives you?
To always learn or create something new. Never stagnate.

Tell me a fun fact about you.
I once lived in a Teepee.

Have a question you are dying for me to answer? Email me at sarah.simplyfunstuff[at]gmail.com...