Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cool Stuff: JCaroline Home Ikea Hacks

I am very excited for Jessica Jones at HowAboutOrange! Her fabrics are part of the new JCaroline Home collection which features customizable items like throw pillows as well as several Ikea furniture compatible cushions and slip-covers in a selection of fabric options. Now anyone who knows my design side, know that A: someday I want to design fabric, and B: that I love modularity! What a great job JCaroline has done bring these two things together. She even throws in some paint chip and DIY ideas to coordinate with the collections. So smart.

I've already refinished the Poang Chair in our living room from Birch to Mahogony. Now which fabric will I choose? Hmmm......


Anonymous said...

Why not design your own?

Jess said...

Thanks for the mention! :)

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