Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Natural Food Coloring

Mmmm, more cupcakes. I am on a quest to find natural food colorings. And for my first experiment, I thought I'd try to adding some some berry powder to my usual buttercream frosting. More specifically, Organic Super Reds blend from NutritionGeeks.com. We have this stuff at home because we use it in smoothies. I realize it's expensive, but just a tiny bit goes a loooong way when talking about adding color. I probably used 1/2 to 1 tsp for 20 cupcakes worth of frosting. And for extra flovor, I added a few drops of orange oil, et voila! Say goodbye to red #40!

Do you have any natural food coloring suggestions? Please share them!

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Anonymous said...

I like the idea of natural colorings. How about carrot juice, raspberry juice, beet juice and turmeric (good use for stale turmeric as it does not impart much flavor).

Jojo Krang said...

I don't condemn artificial food colouring, but using natural options just seems kind of cooler to me. I also recommend beet juice since it's got incredible staining qualities. You could possibly dry and grind beets to make beet powder. The drawback is that it turns orange if cooked at high temperatures. Raspberry is great for sweet dishes. I wonder if you could Grind freeze-dried raspberries to make your own powder.
For savoury green dishes, spinach is great. For green sweets, matcha green tea powder or pandan leaves are fabulous.
For a profound black, squid ink is perfect. For a greyish black, you can use black sesame paste.
Well and red cabbage makes good blue and purple food colouring as you already know :-)

Milehimama @ Mama Says said...

I just found this post because I need to make green frosting (any tips appreciated!)

I make pinks and purples out of frozen strawberries and raspberries - I just cook them down to a thick puree, blend them, and mix into the frosting (add more sugar to offset the wetness) You can make your own berry powder from dried berries (either purchased or made yourself in a dehydrator).

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