Thursday, February 11, 2010

What Do You Want on Your Cupcake?

I clearly still have cupcakes on the brain. And boy, am I realizing that you can do just about anything with these miniature cakes and some rolled fondant (Okay, maybe not anything). It all started when I found some really cute Sesame Street character cupcakes I thought my niece would like for her 2nd birthday, but my mom pointed out that they should be Ernie specific (my niece has a soft spot for Ernie) and seemed to be volunteering to make them. Then since my niece and her dad (my brother) share the same birthday, my mom jokingly asked what kind of cupcake my brother wants. Naturally, he said Darth Vader, Luke Sky Walker, or anything Dukes of Hazard related. I thought, as long as she was taking requests, I'd let my mom start planning months in advance to make my Strawberry Shortcake and My Pretty Pony cupcakes and I'm sure my sister could go for anything Alice in Wonderland, Care Bear or Cabbage Patch.
If it was your birthday, what would you want on your cupcake???
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Images courtesy of (clockwise from the upper left):
Lego Cupcake from Art of Dessert
Windows 7 cupcakes from user airfoilpr on twitpic
Cookie Monster Cupcakes from I Bake for You
Staw Wars Cupcakse from user dorispepsi on flickr
Cookies imitating Hostess Cupcakes from The Decorated Cookie
iPhone Apps Cupcakes from DanielleBilton.com


Lindsay said...

These are all ADORABLE! Thank you for sharing! :)

Anonymous said...

I want to have a sock monkey on my birthday cupcake. All this cupcake talk is making me hungry.

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