Friday, March 19, 2010

Giveaway: Earrings from SmileForSuzy

This week's giveaway prize is a choice of earrings from etsy seller SmileForSuzy. Suzy is a fun girl whose works are self admittedly funky, oddball, a little weird, and slightly offbeat. To win, just visit SimleForSuzy, look around, read her entertaining item descriptions, and then leave a comment here (by next Thursday at 8pm PST) with your favorite item and a way to contact you. Easy as pie.

Want to know more about Suzy? Read her blog, check out her professional portfolio here, and read my interview with her below.

How/why did you get into this stuff? I didn't discover shrinkydinks till I was already in college. And I felt so cheated from my childhood because I totally missed out on all this color and baking glory. So once I discovered shrinkydinks, I really just started doodling on the plastic and baking things and it just went on from there.

What word do you like? sweet! I know the word I like and the word I dislike aren't far off from each other. To each his own.

What word do you dislike? score! when used in place of a high five. I don't really know why.

Where/when so ideas hit you? Usually I'll try to sit down and consciously think of ideas. But every now and then I'll just see something while I'm out and it'll spark something and I'll have to write a note on my hand to remember.

Describe your perfect workspace. Sitting outside on a lounge chair in the sun with a board on my lap coloring and drawing.

What the craziest place you've ever been or thing you've ever done? Bonnaroo Music Festival 2 years in a row. It's four days of standing 12-18 hours in the sun with thousands of other people all for the music. Did I mention you camp on the premises?

What drives or motivates you? I love the feeling of creating. Sometimes I'll get anxious if it's been too long since I've made something out of nothing, I'll have to stop and do something then. It's a great feeling of release and I love the idea that people out there are wearing something I've created.

Tell me a random fun fact about you. I'm left handed, and so are my brother and mom. When I was growing up I didn't realize it was an unusual thing until they started teaching writing in school.
Thanks Suzy and good luck!


Hannah said...

I love the pairs she makes! Especially the Water gun and Splash and the Bird and the Worm. Very clever and very cute. :)
(If I win, I'd be happy to share my email...)

CraftCrave said...

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M.M.E. said...

Those are such cute earrings!!

Aik said...

I love the bird and worm earrings SPRINGTIME COLLECTION and the Welcome Monsters.

aikychien at yahoo dot com

Gina said...

Ooh, I love the early bird gets the worm earring and it's so fitting because I am an early bird!

NGS said...

I'm super amused by the Monsters named Shelby. Although I could be enticed by the Duck Family in hopes that spring will spring soon!!

Anonymous said...

I love the earrings there! They are so creative, unique and cute! My favorite...hard decision, but I have to go with The Bonediggitys.
talonsmom731 at gmail dot com

redfuzzycow said...

my absolute fave earrings are the RAWR REAL MONSTERS redfuzzycow@yahoo.com

Jasmine1485 said...

I LOVE The Bonediggitys earrings, so funky and cute! :) Perfect for a goth-esque outfit or even just black and denim, I would wear these a lot.

Kate1485 @ hotmail.com

TigerLily said...

wow all her items are so cute! I love the tulips and the The Bonediggitys.

yuri.kristi at gmail dotcom

Damla said...

They are the cutest things I've ever seen!!!
I like the Bonediggitys: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=41607831

annabell_lee_dk (at) yahoo.com

CA_MAMA said...

I think Cat vs. Yarn are awesome! You can get me if I win at babybudsmom at gmail dot com.

@ByHandGiveaways said...

this shop is so cute! I love the bird and worm earrings SPRINGTIME COLLECTION hard pick but birdie is what I call my BF

duhnellecarter [at] yahoo . com

Perfect Blue Moon said...

I love the bee and flower earrings! Super cute hun, keep up the amazing work!


Danielle said...

These are very cute. I would love to win the BoneDiggity's for my niece.

The Happy Wife/Danielle
ldsmom2201 at yahoo dot com

Anonymous said...

I love the "Burger Buddies"...

Contact: a.spigno(at)hotmail.it

Carapace said...

I think the RAWR! monster earrings just have something very special to say..




Emily said...

Awesome sets! I especially love the RAWR REAL MONSTERS earrings and the Turtle Crossing earrings. Thanks for the giveaway!


EVA SB said...

Oooh I can't choose just one: I love RAWR piranas, The Bonediggitys and Cat vs Yarn.

And Yay for left-handers - we are the BEST!


Victoria said...

Wowwwww, I love bird and worm earrings SPRINGTIME COLLECTION

So beautiful!


fisiwoman said...

Enter me please! I love
the bird and worm earrings SPRINGTIME COLLECTION

Ana Belén R.M

Willz said...

the earrings collection are all sooo cute. i love the Bee and Flower design.

Anonymous said...

I always eat a smoothie for breakfast...so I need to get my bacon and eggs from somewhere. Therefor my fave item is the Breakfast eggs and bacon earrings. Hee hee Very cute stuff. Bethanie B @ junker2204@live.com

Daya, muito prazer... said...

Daiane Negretti

i LOVED the http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=41607831

it's just so.. me! lol

GattaSiamese said...

really nice!!!!
love these tulips:

winterbabe98 said...

the breakfast eggs and bacon are soooo cute!


Anonymous said...

My favorite items is the Spring Flowers earrings, I love them!!

Romii_parasorteos at hotmail dot com

Anja said...

My favorite are the Unlucky Umbrellas earrings.

anja.lju at gmail dot com

Lyudmila said...

I like the Ruby Red Tulips


Rosa-kreattiva said...

molto originali i tuoi orecchini
i like the Windy Sailing and Lazy Daisies
blogged: http://blogcandymania.blogspot.com/

phrannie said...

oh these are soooo fun! i totally hearted the store! these make me so happy:
and i would eat my ears with these:


Conchi said...

All are very pretty! My favorite is bird and worm earrings SPRINGTIME COLLECTION


kisieltruskawkowy said...

I love Welcome Monsters! They are adorable! So sweet


Paula said...

my favourite is the flower with the bee! they are very funny!


Sarah said...

And the winner is...

Bethanie B! An email has been sent to you and the artist.

Thanks for participating!


CraftCrave said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave.com in the Handcraft category today [29 Mar 03:00pm GMT]. Thanks, Maria

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