Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Playing With Paint and Cherry Blossoms

This weekend I tried some new painting tecniques which resulted in an effect reminiscent of water colors. Here is one of the resulting paintings and my photographic inspiration. I took the photo during the cherry blossom explosion up in Seattle earlier this year. Aren't the white flowers with an ever so slight hint of pink beautiful against the deeplue sky (yes this WAS taken in Seattle, I was there for 3 full days and it barely rained the entire time!).

Painting to be listed in my etsy shop later today. Wouldn't it just make the nicest little garden decoration, or splash of color for the kitchen or bathroom ?  :) Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

That is so cute. I would love one of those in my new bathroom. How about some dogwood flowers?

reneek said...

Love that painting....... simple.

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