Monday, April 11, 2011

My Latest Handmade Purchase

While looking for birthday gifts, I came across a little something for myself over at etsy shop Happy Family. This shirt initially appealed to me because of its apparent "live off the grid" message, but there's more to this design than I knew. According to the description, "In October 1939 the Government launched 'The Dig for Victory' campaign. People were urged to use gardens and every spare piece of land, such as parks, golf clubs and tennis courts, to grow vegetables. Even the moat at the Tower of London was used to grow vegetables. "We want not only the big man with the plough but the little man with the spade to get busy this autumn. Let 'Dig for Victory' be the motto of everyone with a garden," - Rob Hudson, Minister for Agriculture, in October 1939."  The ever so popular "Keep Calm and Carry On", also issued by the British Government, is another one of many great posters from WWII.

Thank you Happy Family for the super soft, history rich t-shirt! I absolutely love it. Want one? Happy Family is currently having a 10% off sale and giving away a free tote bag with the design of your choice with every 2 items purchased!


Danielle said...

Great T-shirt. Great message. great idea as long as water is running for the vegetable bounty.

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