Monday, March 19, 2012

San Diego Photographer, Josh Cartmell

 While looking for a local photographer to shoot a few artist's profile pictures of me, I stumbled upon Josh Cartmell of Image(inary) . We quickly set-up a shoot location and time via email, and next thing you know, Blamo! I had several great artist profile pics to choose from.

Josh was super nice, and did a great job of making me feel comfortable in front of the camera. You see, for some reason I tend to freeze up like a deer in the headlights when I see that big ol' lens. Hence my lack of success as a teenage model. :D

Josh also not only made sure I was booger-free for those close-ups, but he did his best to make me giggle so I looked a little more human and a little less cybernetic-organism.

In all seriousness, Josh was open minded when it came to trying new ideas, and as you can see, very creative with his photographic compositions.

Umbrellas helped shade my pasty white skin from the sweltering hot sun that day. And they looked pretty cool too.

I really couldn't be happier with the photos, so if you are in the market for some professional portraits or are looking for a wedding photographer, I highly recomend you contact Josh over at Image(inary) .

Thanks Josh!


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great shots!

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I am absolutely loving your gorgeous blog! Thanks

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