Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beautiful Bicycle Art

What a strange coincidence. Friday I was thinking about a bicycle painting I recently discovered while visiting a supplier for work. It was used for the 2005 RAAM (Race Across America) event poster. Then Friday night I saw a RAAM support vehicle while driving through Carlsbad. Turns out the race just started in Oceanide on Saturday! Weird. Anyway, I love this painting. (It's the one on the lower right). I guess it particulary struck me because I recently got into cycling myself and even completed my first century.

Other really great bicycle paintings can be found at bicyclepaintings.com. Artist Taliah Lempert does some wonderful work. I especially love her screen prints. I bought one for my brother for Christmas and am trying to think of a reason to justify buying one for myself :) She sells t-shirts and other fun bicycle stuff on etsy too!


Anonymous said...

I want one and I'm not even a cyclist.

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