Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New Uses for Old Stuff: Printer Paper

I know it's not very green of me, but I still like to print articles rather than read them on the computer screen. But what is green of me, is that I save all my old prints because they still have perfectly good blank back sides that I use as scratch paper or for making grocery lists, etc. But rather than use them in their original and boring 8.5x11 form, why not turn them into cute matchbook notepads like these?:

You can make them as thick or thin and as large or small as you want. I like to use interesting paper for the covers, and with the scrapbooking craze, there is no shortage of cool papers out there. Check out the ones we made at our recent tea and craft party (above) and then go to the tutorial page at Design Sponge to make your own!


Anonymous said...

I love those little notepads. I always have one in my back pocket. Since I like to travel light and don't have a fancy phone I can always right down an inspiration for a craft project that I see or reminders or something that I want to

Anonymous said...

Never know when you might need to make a flipbook animation!

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