Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Home Office Revamp

As part of my home office revamp, I wanted to create a place for keeping appointment reminders, coupons, magazine clippings etc. visible so I actually use them. What a concept? But I wasn't too excited about a plain old cork board. So I put up some cork tiles (available at most office supply stores) in a fun pattern.

Then needed some equally fun push pins. Fortuntalely etsy.com never disappoints. I bought these from seller Gami Works

So cute! Too bad I only got 5 because I need way more for all my papery mess. That's why I decided to make some more of my own:

I think they go great with the ones I bought and now I have something to hold all my artful inspiration!

Want to make some? See the step-by-step tutorial here.


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