Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Fun with Cork

Yesterday's post got me thinking about what else we can make from cork. How about this lamp from Design Sponge? So retro-fabulous!

Still after more cork crafts? Check out these other fun projects (some made from wine & champagne corks):

Cork Coasters and Trivets at Design Sponge. DIY project finalist.

Cork Placecard Holders at Craftzine. Great for weddings! The ones shown are plastic, but I know you are crafty enough to make them from real corks.

More corkboard inspiration from WineIntro.com. Would be great in a kitchen.

Cork Keychain Wedding Favors from Craftzine. Tutorial included!


Danielle said...

Better hurry if you want to use real cork , this material could become a thing of the past petty soon.

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