Friday, June 26, 2009

Homemade Stuff: Bath Salts

Believe it or not, it's June and rained in San Diego last Saturday. It was a good day to stay inside and curl up with a hot cup of tea or relax in a hot bath. What a perfect time to try out my new homemade bath salts! I made these recently at a tea and crafts party that I held with my mom and sister (more on the party later):

All natural and so easy to make! Check out the About.com tutorial here. For coloring, I used a natural mica flake that I picked up at my local crafting store. And for the fragrance, I used lavendar essential oil that was given to me by my cousin's girlfriend during my last trip to France. (Thanks Catheline!) Ok, so maybe you don't have a cousin in France, but you can pick up essential oil online or at your local crafting or bath store. I will be posting more info about those cute tins I decorated shortly.


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