Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Create Inexpensive Gifts with Hambly Rub-Ons

Hambly Rub-On transfers are one great ingredient for deceptively inexpensive gift making. Their simply sweet silohuette designs jazz-up just about anything. I first found about them through a tutorial at Craft Stylish and have used them for many projects including these bath salt tins and these contemporary yet earthy coasters:

To make, start by selecting a tile you like. You can pick them up at your local home improvement store for about a buck or two each. Then follow the tutorial from Craft Stylish and spray on a coat of satin polyurethane (available at craft and home improvement stores) for a durable, protective coat. Porous tiles like the Roman ones I used not only offer a nice texture and high quality look, but are better for absorbing the polyurethane. And finally, glue some thin cork material or rubber feet to the bottom of the coaster for that finishing touch.


Dorothy said...

If you don't use the polyurethane will these tiles absorb water? Here in the south we need coasters that are absorbent. Otherwise condensed moisture will run off the coasters onto the surface they are meant to protect.

sonia said...

where did you find those tiles? i have been searching for those exact ones for a different porject...

Sarah said...

Hi Sonia,

My mom bought them at Home depot and I've seen them there too.


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