Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Craft S'il Vous Plait

My French Mother-in-Law recently exposed me to some great French crafting & decorating resources including the online women's magazine Journal des Femmes. Now my French isn't that great, but fortunately with all the great step-by-step photos, I can easily follow the Journal de Femmes' tutorials. One of my favorites is "Relooker un Store Bamboo" or Makeover a Bamboo Shade:

Incroyable! Get the step-by-step tutorial (in French) here. Need translating? Post a comment or send me an email! Merci beaucoup Danielle!


Anonymous said...

I visited the website and found under the Jardin section a La Tente Berbere - perfect for a small grassy area to go with your small space theme.

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