Friday, August 7, 2009

Summery Butterflies & Dragonflies

If you're in a bind an need a last minute card for any occasion, try my delicate & delightful dragonfly and butterfly cards originally inspired by these butterfly paper clips by Jessica at HowAboutOrange.

Blank Cards & Envelopes in the color of your choice
Oragami, Scrapbooking Paper, or any other Decorative Paper
Scissors or Butterfly & Dragonfly punches (found at scrapbooking or craft stores)
White glue


Step 1.
Cut out your shapes in the paper of your choice (I used origami paper). I cut my shapes by hand, but surely you can find some butterfly and dragonfly punches (thanks to the ongoing scrapbooking craze).

Step 2.
Apply a very thin bead of glue along the centerline of the shapes (from head to tail of the dragonfly for example).

Step 3.
Attach the shapes to the cards in a pattern of your choice and let dry.

Step 4.
When glue is dry, fold up the wings to create a delicate fluttering appearance.

Looking for more paper butterfly craft ideas? Check out these butterfly displays from Samantha at Examiner.com found via Curbly.


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