Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cool Stuff: Woven Survival Belt

My husband, who is really in to survival gear, made me this sweet woven belt out of parachord and gave it to me for Christmas. So not only does it look super stylish and cool, but I can cut and unravel it and use it to lower myself down a ravine (each strand of parachord can hold up to 500 pounds) or fashion something to catch some dinner if I find myself stranded and hungry in the wilderness (I think we've been watching too much Bear Grylls :). As soon as I pick his brain for how he made it, I will put up some links and step-by step photos!


Anonymous said...

What a great idea. With all the earthquakes happening up here in No. Cal this might come in handy.

The Frausto Family said...

NICE! Go Mr. Sarah!

Anonymous said...

only thing that sucks about these, if you have to use it then you have nothing to hold your pants up with

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