Monday, January 18, 2010

Pictures from the Craft Fair

Hello readers! Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Life has been a little crazy...Here are some pictures from my first ever craft fair at Los Feliz Charter School for the Arts back in December. It was raining cats and dogs that day, but it was fun none the less and we made some sales to help benefit the school.

(pictures removed)
 My favorite visitor that day

Stuff in my booth

 My Free Giftwrap. Not bad, eh?

More stuff in my booth

My booth

 My cousin Jessica who had a booth next to me and spent most of the day at her ornament making station. Genius!

 My husband who drove with me to LA and sat in the freezing building for 7 hours!

Me working quickly to improvise some price tags which I somehow forgot.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun day. Good to see the face behind the talent.

Danielle said...

Very nice booth . Quite a bit of work behind all these attractive ,varied pieces. Bravo !

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