Friday, February 26, 2010

Giveaway: Jenuine Jewels & Last Weeks Winner!

Before we get to the winner of the pillow giveaway, I want to reveal next week's prize, a beautiful set of silver wrapped opalite earrings from Jenuine Jewels! I had the pleasure of chatting with the shop owner, Jen, and she seemed like such a nice person that I thought it would be fun to do a little artist interview. But first, let me tell you how to win. To enter your name in a random drawing for these earrings, please visit Jenuine Jewels and comment on this post with your favorite item from Jen's shop! It's that easy!

Interview with Jen from Jenuine Jewels:

Me: How/why did you get into this stuff?

Jen: To be honest, I can't even remember. I just remember wanting to create. I think it actually started with pencil drawing, then a little painting and finally I found the world of beads and so came my jewels. I still love painting, but I think making jewels is my true love.

Me: What creative things did you do growing up?

Jen: I remember my parents signing me up for private classes. I must have been showing some interest in drawing or something at the time...I can remember going to this woman's house in the evenings and she taught me how to draw portraits, taught me about scale and things of that nature. It was all pencils and charcoal. I do remember loving it and I can still do that type of thing, but I craved some COLOR. Looking back, it must have been hard for them to afford it and fit into their schedules at the time...as a young parent now, I appreciate it more now than I ever probably did then!

Me: Describe your perfect day.

Jen: I have so over-thought this question and deleted my answer and started over again and again (life and timing relative-ness happening here...LOL). This is a weird one and then not so much...in the end I know what it would be. I would simply be with those I love and we would all be smiling and laughing over something ridiculous and meaningless in the grand scheme. Our faces would be in the sunshine. There would be great chats and talks. There would be tears and hugs. There would be jokes and crazy. We would be healthy and happy. We would just be loving the moment and planning the next one...

Me: What word do you like?

Jen: Smile

Me: What word do you dislike:

Jen: No

Me: Describe your perfect workspace.

Jen: I would love a little room with lots of lights and windows. It would have the same old wooden door I've been working on, propped up on shelves from the Home Depot still, but it would be HEATED (my room now is in my basement and is not! LOL). Painted a soothing green or blue and it would be filled with fabulous ORGANIZATION! Not my strong point as far as supplies! I would have an area just for my jewel supplies and an area for my painting things. It would have pictures of the people I love all around. It would have bigger speakers too! Funny, because I've always whined about my husband's electronics everywhere...LOL! I love feeling music when I work!

Me: What is the craziest place you've ever been or thing you;ve ever done?

Jen: I certainly hope, and knowing myself, am quite sure this hasn't happened yet! Life is short! There is always something new around the bend...

Me: What drives or motivates you?

Jen: My family, they have always believed in me. Myself too, that is coming...

Me: Where/When do ideas hit you?

Jen: All over the place! I can see most anything and want to figure out how to make it. Or at least make a form of it into my work. I usually work late though. The witching hours are my best!

Thanks to Jen for the great interview and giveaway prize. Good luck everyone!

I almost forgot! The winner of the pillow giveaway is....


Congratulations! I will provide NCS with your email!


Anonymous said...

What beautiful jewerly. Her etsy site has so many great pieces. My favorite is the hammered copper necklace.

Alanah said...

I love Jen! She is such a sweet lady.

My favorite item from her shop are her 'lucky drop earrings'. http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=41420404 So beautiful!

hofken said...

My favorite is the Ocean Breeze necklace


Jessica @ Barefoot by the Sea said...

I love the Your Loves necklace...so pretty!

Thanks for the chance!

Wehaf said...

I love the citrine dragonfly necklace! I especially love that the citrine is paired with silver; normally I see it paired with gold.

urchiken at gmail dot com

waterwaif said...

What a gorgeous shop Jen has!

I think my favorite is the opalite earrings. I LOVE that color!

I'm now following this blog, too. Good luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

I love the opalite water drop earrings. I'll definately be visiting this shop for gifts.

Emily said...

I love the baby leaves necklace; it's simple but elegant. Thanks for the giveaway!

dace design said...

Lovely work

I love these earrings


such an interesting shape...


Anonymous said...

Everything is amazing but I really like the Vintage Locket Choker. Connie

vickyvk said...

fantastic work and great photos!

Sarah said...

Congratulations to our winner:

hofken !

I will contact you shortly.


Eva said...

very pretty jewelry.

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